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A Mint On Your Pillow

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
I finally have access to HomeMint and after completing my StyleProfile, I was able to see the goods.  Not bad.  I did like two of my top matches.

Not a great fan of the prices. I'm not always a cheapskate but I do appreciate bargains, especially for home decor and goods.  I just don't see anything so unique that will make me click the checkout button versus heading to World Market.  There is a category with some very unique and pricey, pricey items.  If that's your cup of tea, be my guest and shop but not moi.  With the bougie antiques aside, I am still intrigued with what is to come in the next several months.  The "Mints" do have specials and sales all the time so I bet I'll be able to get a little somethin' in the near future.

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