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Unrequited Retail Therapy

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
I love to shop.  Good thing as I have needed a whole new wardrobe as in maternity clothes.  I'm all for saving money but I refuse to look like a schlep just because I'm pregnant.  A girl still needs to bring it in the style department.  So it has been fun shopping for maternity clothes.  I buy a few new things every couple of weeks or so, mostly via Old Navy and Gap.  I do however miss shopping for regular, cute clothes.  What's even harder is I found a new store that I just love and want to shop at so bad but really can't right now:  Dorothy Perkins

I love a retailer that is a bit obscure to the average American.  I hate the possibility of owning items that the girl down the block also owns (unless I feel she has excellent taste).  I came across DP while shopping for maxi dresses which will be a staple of mine for the next three months.  Alas, none of their maxi dresses even look like they would be right for this belly.  But they have some really cute clothes.  I can't wait to shop here when I'm back in my pre-maternity, errr let's say pre-wedding size!

**Hint - get 15% off when you sign up for their newsletter.

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