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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
The bigger I get, the more disdain I have for how I look in photographs.  It's not really my belly (although huge), it's more my double chin that has doubled in size.  Somehow, my weight gain is on track, thank goodness.  However, I'm just feeling very fluffy.  Too fluffy.  Normally, I am very photogenic but fluffiness does not seem to become me these days.  With that said, I don't think there will be too many belly shots or maternity style posts like I had envisioned. 

But here is a belly shot to appease your curiosity.  Yes, only belly.  Remember, me and the chin are not getting along.  Instead, let's turn to the little guy causing me all this fluffy drama.  It's definitely time for us to buy more stuff for little Dax.  I've only purchased a few onesies, an Adidas tracksuit (6 months - so cute) and a sweater for my bĂŠbĂŠ, so far.  I need to get in gear and get Dax some gear.  I came across these cute boots on Pinterest and I was like, "Who is Joe Fresh"? 
Source: via Enid on Pinterest

Now, I'm slightly obsessed.  Apparently, the brand was created by a Canadian food distributor.  Who knew?  The clothing is very affordable and not just for kids.  I can't wait to get shopping.

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