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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
I gave myself permission to buy 3 amazing things for myself before the baby comes (husband was cool with it too).  My first purchase were these amazing Jimmy Choo 'Pela' Cork Sandals. (is that correct grammar)?  I saw them at Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago and fell in love.  After much nail biting, I decided to order them from Nordies.  I do a lot of online shopping...what can I say.

 Ahhhh...So cute.  So they arrive yesterday.

Going good so far.  Nice dust bag as you would expect.  Also, a nice care card.  Ok, ok...

How cute is the little metal detail?  I'm loving them.  LOVING them.  And then...

Not sure if you can see it but it's there.  A big ass scratch on the right toe tap.  What?  Oh no.  I was heartbroken.  Sad.  Just depressed and disappointed.  I don't know if this was Nordstrom's  fault or if Jimmy Choo quality has gone down since possibly Tamara Mellon left?  Not sure what to think.  But they got returned today.  So sad.  I may buy them person...they were just so perfect.  My toes looked amaze.  Not even a hint of a raptor toe (you know, when the second toe is longer aka Morton's toe - eek).  I could walk in them even being pregnant and they fit like a dream (I did have to order a 1/2 size up).  I kept whispering to myself, "they are so cute.  They are so cute," or what I thought was to myself b/c my husband was in the room laughing hysterically at me.  But damn, they are so cute.  Boo hiss.  So very sad.

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