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Exhibit J

Monday, February 13, 2012
This past Saturday I finally made it out to the John Paul Gaultier exhibit here in Dallas at the DMA, before it closed.  I scooped up my friend Heather and my mom and we were off.   I'd obviously heard a lot about the exhibit and seen pics but I was excited about seeing all those amazing clothes up close.   However, much to my chagrin, it was a madhouse and although the actual exhibit was amazing, I didn't enjoy myself.  It was so crowded and the people were so blah, blah, blah about everything.   Move-a-long y'all!   I do not like crowds like that. Stagnant crowds. It was a downer. But again, the man is a genius and it was so cool to see fashion as art in such a literal sense.  No pics from inside b/c the museum police were watching us like prey, but I did get a few snaps with the old point and shoot of us entering.  At least it was great company and afterward we had a nice dinner at Luna de Noche in Northpark (which was also a madhouse but I'll take a shopping crowd any day).

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