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The Dilemma

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
My husband and I have a problem.  We are looking to buy a home in the McKinney, TX area.  We are not having the kind of luck we had hoped for.   Actually, last year we had a contract on a great home in a great neighborhood but we didn't sell our existing home in time for the contingency to expire so we nixed the deal.  We are in a much better financial situation this year so we should be able to let our existing house go for a lower price that last year.  The dilemma we are facing is that we cannot find the home we want in the neighborhood we want.  Oh, we can find the house of our dreams but it is located in BFE, TX.  And, we can find the fabulous neighborhood but the homes are a bit lacking in the space, look and general ambiance we desire.  I know in real estate, it is always Location, Location, Location.  But I'm not comfortable with "moving up" only to move into a home a few hundred sq. ft bigger than our current home and not be open and fancy like we want.  What's the point?  I want a fabulous home - fabulous to us, anyway.  But what about schools and shopping and food?  The gorgeous BFE home is lacking in surrounding environment.  But the house - the house is EVERYTHING I've ever wanted.  The hubs loves it too, just not the location.  And it is still far from my mom.  I want to move closer to my mommy!!!

Btw, last year's home/neighborhood is no longer an option b/c they stopped building the floorplans we loved and started building new plans that look like they belong on a Wyoming Ranch.  No offense to Wyoming.

Arghh...Real Estate.  Not a fan!!!  What would you do?

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