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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Today I "celebrate" my four year wedding anniversary with my husband.  Celebrate is in (air) quotes b/c we are actually going to dinner next weekend.  My husband is still at work as I write this.  We had dinner reservations at Del Frisco's this past Saturday but I had a pregnancy meltdown due to a complete lack of proper maternity undergarments for my dress.  Being pregnant and fabulous is not easy sometimes.  But I digress.  Anywhoozy, I've been reminiscing a bit on when I met my Mr. and thought I'd share a bit.

We actually started dating about 7 1/2 years ago in July of 2004.  We met at a bar.  Yes, a bar.  Pretty random as it was in Addison and far from his home (Watauga).  I was so close to calling my friend Jen and telling her I was going to stay home that night.  Glad I went.  When I saw him at the bar, he approached me and tried to buy me a drink.  I already had a drink (Goldschläger thanx to Jen) so no go.  We did start chatting and at a brief interval I remember whispering to Jen, "he's cute."  He proceeded to tell me that he was a garbage man who lived with his mother.  I got that he was joking but Jen was like "is he for real?"- lol.  I liked him.  Eventually I let him buy me a drink.  To this day I tease him about dancing with another girl (actually a friend of Jen's) when I went to the restroom.  He still profusely apologizes saying he thought I left.  We had just met - he's so cute.  That was a Friday night.

The following Sunday which was the 4th of July, we went on our first date to a restaurant called Soho in Addison.  We had tapas and listened to live jazz.  Felton was so chill and relaxed.  I liked that about him.  We had effortless conversation.  He was so funny.   When the saxophone player started playing Ribbons in the Sky, I knew this was special.  It was a sign.  I love that song.  I'd always wished I had someone in my life who I could relate that song to.  And they played it on our first date. 

To make a long 7 1/2 year story short, we were pretty much inseparable after that.  Sure, we've had some issues and even a couple of break-ups but I always knew he was it for me.  During one of our very short break-ups I kind of started talking to someone else but I knew if I dated someone else or got serious or intimate with anyone else that it would be over for my Mr. and I.  I was not going to let that happen.  He's been the only man in my life and I am so happy and proud to call him my husband.  Four years seems like a day ago but also a lifetime ago.  I really am married to my best friend and that makes me happy as a clam.  And of course, Ribbons in the Sky was the song we danced to at our little wedding reception.  Blessed.

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