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A Little Tatse of My Festivus

Monday, January 2, 2012
It's a New Year.  I don't really do resolutions.  You can make those any day of the year as far as I'm concerned but I do understand that New Year's Day is a Milestone.  Today, the hubs and I went to Central Market and bought a gang load of organic veggies and all-natural meats and other goodies.  I figure we are starting the New Year off right with our diet, at least.  The rest of the day, we stayed home, relaxed and watched football.  It was great!

I did want to post about a several amazing Christmas gifts I received.  First, my husband got me a foot massager.  A fancy one, at that.  It's nice and I feel like I will use it every night.

My mother bought me the most amaze fragrance, Bottega Veneta.  Oh, I would marry this inanimate object if it were legal.  I wore this to work one day last week, and literally - not figuratively, but literally smelled myself 75 times that day.  It lasted all day.  When you first spray it, it doesn't smell strong, which I like but it starts to mix with your body chemistry and just grows more distinct.  The faint leathery notes are to die.  It just smells so wonderful.  One of my favorites ever since Narciso Rodriquez, which is still numero uno, btw.

I also received a lovely and very meaningful piece of jewelry from my dear cousin.  The Dogeared one in a million is so stinkin' cute.  What a sweet sentiment.  I was so touched!

And not to be outdone, my dear brother and family sent me and the Mr. a fabulous Overstock gift card.  I love, love love, Overstock so this was perfect for me and the hubs.  It will be very difficult to choose what to spend it on.  Too may things.

Christmas and the Holiday Season in general is my favorite time of year but this year my mojo was seriously lacking.  I'll explain later and I think you'll be able to understand why.  But hopefully, despite my lack of early shopping or gift wrapping, my family and friends were happy with what I gave them as well.  

Well, here's to a great new year.  I sincerely hope it is better that 2011 although I am thankful for everyday 2011 gave me because I was alive, in love and living in faith.

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