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Tuesday, December 6, 2011
I need a watch.  I WANT a watch.  The last time I bought a watch was in the year 2003, I think...  Watches don't generally agree with me.  First of all, they tend to stop working within a few days.  Something about how much electricity I emit.  Secondly, they are just cumbersome to me.  And lastly, I wear watches on my right wrist.  No, I'm not left handed but this is what I find the least annoying.  There are not a lot of lefty watches out there...  But, I am really going to try to overcome my annoyance with watches for the sake a fashion.  My arm deserves a party.  I'm going to ask the hubs for a watch this Chiristmas.  Help me narrow the pickings down, would ya?

pros - super fabulous, really big, perfect midtone grey, lefty
cons - expensive (in my world), not solar, Japanese movement

 pros - very unique, decent price, love the black and white
cons - way super big, not solar, maybe too minimal.  I might need the numbers
3) Michael Kors Gunmetal Knox Chronograph Watch

pros - stylish design, gunmetal color is amaze, sweet price
cons - Michael Kors (so everywhere), gunmetal color maybe a bit limiting

4) Bulova Men's Adventurer Chronograph Black Dial Mesh Stainless Steel
pros - love the mesh bracelet, great color scheme, good price
cons - a bit too masculine and traditional looking


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