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Lucky Be a Cammy Tonight

Monday, November 14, 2011
Luck. Such a loaded word. I'm usually not into "luck". Not really what I consider the lucky sort. I always feel blessed, even when life is not so super great, God is always good. But luck is something different, no? I really don't gamble. I don't like the feeling of losing money. But when it comes to contests... you don't really lose anything. With the popularity of facebook promotions and email contests, I find myself scooching into the lucky people club. In the past year, I've received all sorts of great samples and freebies (a $120 value Clarisonic system, a full sized bottle of Diane by Diane Von Furstenberg perfume) from Vogue, being a Vogue Influencer. In September, I won $500. The most I'd ever won before that, ever, was $50 about 4 years ago. Then I received an amazing $250 credit to Moda Operandi (Thanx, Rachel Zoe). Now, I get some love from William Sonoma just because I reviewed a product. Tell you more later. Sah-weet. I could get used to this. I suppose I just have to make sure to have a heavy web presence. Guess that means more blogging. Oh, darn. ;-P

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