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Friday, November 11, 2011
Last month I won a great gift from Talbots in the Talbots Ashley Falcon Contest on Facebook.  Here's my winning photo:

And here's what I bought with the $500 Talbots gift card I won:

Nude Pump - $149

Knot tee - $49.50 (mine is dark brown aka Mascara)

Slim Cords in Ginger - $79.50 (I purchased long length so they wouldn't flood)

Black Wool Cape - $189

Pleat Tee in Makeup - $39.50

Black Scrunch neck Tunic - $99

Black Suede Envelope Clutch - $89 (would have preferred an over-sized clutch but this one is really chic)

I listed the regular prices.  I used promo codes!  Normally, when I shop on my dime, I'm fairly frugal.  I may buy one pair of nice jeans (Citizens, James)  one month and a couple of months later, I'll spend about $50 at Old Navy on some basic tops.   I always plan my purchases.  Rarely do I shop spontaneously and most of my wardrobe planning revolves around shoes.   Seriously - shoes before outfit.  Backwards to you maybe but that's how I roll.  It was definitely a pleasant shopping experience to be carefree about the items I chose.  So thankful to Talbots for the card and this experience!

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